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Sunday, August 14, 2005 

Remember Someone’s Name

To build good relationship with others is a must. Especially if meeting and build relationship with new people is a part of your job. Therefore remember someone’s name is one thing that we should do if we want to get god appreciation from him.
Yet it’s not as easy as turn your palm to memorize someone’s name, limited memory and less concentration when we speak to new person sometimes make us forget his name.
If you are included in this type of person, you’d better do the steps below:
1. Try to memorize his name and his face. To introducing yourself to someone is not just about shake hand and mentioning name each others, yet you have to observe attentively the person’s name and look at his face carefully at the same time and try to remember his face with noticing special feature on his face.
2. Try to mention his name once again. In this way you could remember his name easier and your counterpart will correcting you if you are misspell his name. Don’t be reluctant or even afraid to do this thing, it doesn’t mean that you do not pay attention to him.
3. If your counterpart gives you name card, read thoroughly, how to spell his name, his work place, his position, phone and address. It’s possible that you will get new topics for conversation from that information.
4. Try to connect your counterpart with certain object. This will help you in memorizing.
5. Call his name repetitively in the conversation. It will help stick his name in your memory.
6. Before you close the conversation call his name once again with good and friendly manner.
Sometimes it is hard to remember someone’s name, however if we try hard to solve that problem, we can! And it’s not impossible that the relationship will end with better and promising thing.
(kompas, 8 agustus 2005)