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Saturday, August 27, 2005 

Human Contemplation 1: "aBa"

I do not know what suppose that its mean in this life there are always a thing that we call cycle
base on what purpose does actually cycle created?

A life of human being starting from nothing, egg and sperm merging become a zygote and then embrio, then form a baby which is weak and fragile.... and than child, teenager, old weak grandpop than become nothing anymore when soil claim its parts.

Cycle, from nothing to nothing, from dust to dust, from soil to soil, from weak to weak, from helplessness to helplessness. what does it mean? cycle, it always become the opposite before reach same initial condition.

The story of a nation that was nothing before be something and nothing anymore, the story of religion that was strange than become most influencing and than become strange again (even for its believer??). Look at the history of nations or everything, they always have cycle. So what this cycle for?

Cycle, what will happen if there's no cycle? may be our life become monotonous and thus bored. or may be the world will end quickly. Yeah, will end quickly, why? Just take one example to answer it. If all Nitrogen in this world is become a compound of NO2 or NH4. Just one compound and will not turn back reversely. It will poisoning the plants and to all life forms in the end. Each components do its part in maintaining this cycle so they'll not jeopardize life itself.

However what if the end product is something really good for all? there will be no side effects when it's formed. will it still become the same end? destruction? may be not. Yet, due to this world is ment to be destroy in the end of days and nothing is immortal. The end of the cycle have to "bad" end.... so this all can reach the finish. Want it be bored if you watch santana barbara or extravaganza or may be oprah for hundreds and hundreds and thousand and with no end???? (like this writing)
Yeah, may be it's meant so we do not get bored with life itself??
may be
wallahu a'lam bishowab.

in deep sadness and bewilderness
gosh a lot of junction here ???? ..... :)